Yasmin Ali

Yasmin will explore her own career transition from fossil fuels into renewables, and through that the wider energy transition and how this could play out across global energy systems.


About Yasmin

Yasmin Ali is an award-winning chartered engineer, internationally experienced in the energy industry, with a passion for the future of energy and promoting engineering to the public.

After many years working in conventional power generation and the “Big Oil” ecosystem, Yasmin made a decided pivot in her career towards supporting the development of new & renewable energy technologies. She has a strong interest in the future of energy systems including the role of storage, solar, wind, energy from waste, demand response, microgrids and how these technologies will be integrated into existing systems.

Yasmin has also developed a science communication career supported by her ability to translate complex technical topics into understandable language. She has written for the BBC and the Metro and also delivered 80+ presentations to a wide range of audiences, from school students to experienced professionals.

She is currently writing Power Up, a book about global energy, due to be published in 2024 by Hodder & Stoughton.

In recognition of her engagement work, Yasmin was recently recognised as among the top 50 female engineers by the Women’s Engineering Society.



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