Jason Fried

Jason Fried is the legendary co-founder and CEO of Basecamp, one of the pioneers in software as a service and online collaboration.

In addition to Jason’s pathbreaking work in software, he has long been a thought leader on the future of work with a central theme around simplicity. Jason’s known for the quote, “it’s simple until you make it complicated.” He is the co-author of the hugely bestselling book, Rework, which offered impactful advice on a wide array of topics from productivity, organisational culture, hiring, marketing and the right way to grow a business.

Alongside his Basecamp co-founder, David Heinemeier Hansson, Jason has gone onto publish the books Remote: Office Not Required, an amazingly prescient book prepping us for working during a pandemic; and It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work where the co-authors show readers how to take their organisation from crazy to calm.

Jason holds a bachelor’s of science degree in finance from the University of Arizona.

Jason will be joining us live from Los Angeles.

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