Code Of Conduct

If you’ve not been to a Thinking Digital previously, one of the more remarkable aspects of the conference is the ‘vibe’ of our gathering. The community of people that come to participate in Thinking Digital ever year has built a conference culture that is warm, welcoming, friendly and inclusive.

We’re at Thinking Digital to learn, exchange ideas and build lasting relationships and the organizing team is dedicated to facilitating an environment that allows this to flourish. Thinking Digital is a fun and motivating experience but it’s also a professional environment where hundreds of people are investing their valuable resources into developing their thinking and capabilities.

As such, we cannot tolerate behavior or language that could be interpreted as ‘harassing’. Comments and content that would be considered NSFW will likely also be unwelcome during Thinking Digital. Should anybody in our community witness inappropriate behavior we ask that you help us put a stop to it and/or communicate with the conference team about the issue so we can help resolve the matter appropriately.

We thank you in advance for helping us keep the community spirit of Thinking Digital alive and stronger than ever.