How Do Humans Thrive in an Age of AI

Tom Chatfield first spoke at Thinking Digital in 2012. He returns in 2024 at time when the world has shifted decidedly from techno-optimism to widespread techno-anxiety. Tom wants to discuss what it means to use technology *well* in an age of AI: to engage critically with its offerings, make the most of human cognition and equip yourself to face the future hopefully.


Tom Chatfield’s bio

Dr Tom Chatfield is a British author and tech philosopher with interests around improving our experience & understanding of technology, digital culture, AI ethics and the future of learning. His most recent book is Wise Animals (Picador), an exploration of the co-evolution of humanity and technology. Tom’s non-fiction books exploring digital culture have appeared in over thirty languages including books such as How to Thrive in a Digital Age.

Tom’s bestselling critical thinking textbooks and online courses are used across the world including most recently a collaboration with The Economist to design & present a new business course, “Critical Thinking: Problem-solving and decision-making in a complex world”.

Tom has previously spoken at TED Global, the Cannes Lions Festival, authors@Google, the O’Reilly Publishing Science Foo Camp, the RSA, Royal Society and Royal Institution.

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