Becoming an Astronaut: Space Aspirations to Earthly Inspirations

Liverpudlian Dr. Jackie Bell, a mathematician and theoretical particle physicist, joins us on Tyneside to share her journey to join the ranks of the astronauts and become the first Scouser in space.

Her talk will offer a rare glimpse into the often extreme experiences faced as part of astronaut training via the BBC documentary series “Astronauts: Do You Have What It Takes?”. And while this could sound like mere ‘reality TV’, the training was the real deal led by the legendary Commander Chris Hadfield.

In addition to covering aspects of her astronaut training, Jackie also looks at how the experience changed the arc of her life and development in various ways.


Jackie Bell’s Bio

Dr Jackie Bell is an award-winning Principal Teaching Fellow at Imperial College London and Honorary Fellow of the University of Liverpool. With a background in mathematical sciences (MSc, BSc) and theoretical particle physics (PhD), Jackie now specialises in Equity, Diversity and inclusion in STEM, advocating for those from historically underrepresented backgrounds and leading strategic programmes that create more inclusive landscapes within higher education.

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