Mike Taulty

Mike Taulty

Developer Evangelist

Talk Topic: Flat-Earth Computing

Do you ever feel a little ‘flat’? ☺

We’re spending our time interacting with devices which offer us a view onto the world where our inputs and outputs are constrained to flat screens or surfaces and which get in the way of interactions with people and spaces. Could we do better? Let’s take some steps away from our flat-Earth view of computing…


Via Kinect, HoloLens and now Windows Mixed Reality, Microsoft has been a significant investor and innovator in virtual and augmented reality technologies and content. Mike Taulty works in the developer group at Microsoft in the UK where he has spent the past decade helping developers understand and get the best from the Microsoft platform. Both techies and senior managers describe Mike as a “great technology evangelist”, and he’s built up significant credibility and relationships with the broader immersive technology community.

Before joining Microsoft, Mike spent the previous decade working as a software developer, team lead and product lead for a number of organisations working with a variety of technologies. Mike holds a BSc Hons (1st Class) in Computer Science from the University of Leeds.


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