Antonia Forster

Antonia Forster

Immersive Experience Engineer

Antonia is a self-taught programmer and a Unity/C# Developer at Ultraleap. She works on the cutting edge of technology, using hand-tracking and ultrasound waves to create tactile, immersive experiences in VR, AR and more. She is an accomplished public speaker, with a TEDxBristol talk reaching over 98,000 views online, and is a shortlistee for Nature’s prestigious John Maddox Prize – awarded to those who stand up for science in the face of adversity.


Antonia’s Talk

The Future Of Interaction

In the past, physical buttons were the only way to interact with machines, then touch-screens and smartphones transformed the way we use computers. But what does the future of interaction look like?

Join Antonia to learn how 3D hand-tracking and haptic feedback could redefine interaction, and the countless benefits – to accessibility, hygiene, safety, immersion and revenue – that this digital revolution could bring.

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