Unleash Your Creativity: Boosting Your Creative Confidence

Supercharge your Creative Confidence with make it pop! Our kickass workshop will help you ignite your creative superpowers, no matter your profession.

Creativity is essential for success in work and life, and we’ll show you how to tap into it. In this workshop, you’ll experience the following:

• Mind-bending design thinking exercises: Break down barriers and think outside the box like never before.

• Lateral thinking challenges: Boost your problem-solving skills by exploring unconventional perspectives.

• Collaboration and team-building activities: That’ll strengthen your ability to work with others and generate innovative ideas.

• Creative confidence coaching: Learn techniques to embrace creativity and trust your instincts.

Join us and exercise your creativity with these exciting topics and activities!

5th July

Gateshead College, Baltic Business Centre, Quarryfield Rd, Gateshead NE8 3BE

14:00 – 17:00


Ade-Lee is the creative force behind make it pop! He’s on a quest to help you unlock your creative potential and sharpen your communication, brainstorming, and innovation skills using Design Thinking and creativity.

Ade-Lee knows his stuff as the Head of Design at SoPost and with a successful design consultancy under his belt. Through make it pop, he aims to share his expertise in a fun and engaging way. He’s collaborated with some big names and authored the captivating book Design Thinking Manga. Get ready to unleash your creativity and learn from the best with Ade-Lee and Make it Pop!

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