Unlocking your innovation power through rapid design interventions

Supercharge your Creative Confidence with make it pop! Our kickass workshop will help you ignite your creative superpowers, no matter your profession. Creativity is essential for success in work and life, and we’ll show you how to tap into it. In this workshop, you’ll experience the following:
• Mind-bending design thinking exercises: Break down barriers and think outside the box like never before.

• Lateral thinking challenges: Boost your problem-solving skills by exploring unconventional perspectives.

• Collaboration and team-building activities: That’ll strengthen your ability to work with others and generate innovative ideas.

• Creative confidence coaching: Learn techniques to embrace creativity and trust your instincts. Join us and exercise your creativity with these exciting topics and activities!

5th July


14:00 – 17:00


Dr Justine Carrion-Weiss is the founder of The Blooming Platypus. Her design innovation agency is helping organisations and businesses navigate the challenges of the modern world using design thinking and design-led innovation. Justine and her team work closely with their clients to develop creative solutions and strategies that ensure their long-term sustainability. Justine is also a Senior Researcher who recently completed her PhD in Design Innovation at Northumbria University. Her academic research focuses on the value that rapid design interventions bring to organisations. These high-paced workshops can spark intense creativity and innovation, resulting in impactful and lasting change for businesses of all kinds. Justine’s passion for design and innovation is palpable, and her work is changing the game for companies nationally and internationally.

Charlie Richardson is an experienced Design Innovation Strategist who works as an associate with The Blooming Platypus. He has a strong design background and completed a BA in Design for Industry in 2017 as well as an MA in Multidisciplinary Innovation in 2018. Charlie has a breadth of experience working in innovation across academia and industry, engaging with many diverse organisations, sectors, and industries, which is the aspect of innovation he enjoys the most. He began his career working as the Innovator in Residence for Northumbria University in 2019, after which he worked in London as a Content Manager for a Cryptocurrency start-up company. At present, he lectures at both the Newcastle and Amsterdam Northumbria University campuses with a focus on Multidisciplinary Innovation and Luxury Brand Management.

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