ChatGPT & Beyond: A Beginners Guide to Language Models

Hosted by data scientists from the National Innovation Centre for Data, this workshop is an opportunity to explore the world of natural language processing (NLP).

We will discuss the key concepts around natural language processing, get hands-on with some pre-trained models and contemplate the future in a ChatGPT enabled world.

The workshop will include a technical element using python, however no experience is required and we will work through material as a group.

Bring a laptop if you can!

5th July

Gorgon and Faraday room, The Catalyst, 3 Science Square, Newcastle Helix, NE4 5TG

14:00 – 17:00


Louise Braithwaite obtained a MSc in Data Science from Newcastle University. She now works as a data scientist at the National Innovation Centre for Data. Specialising in data visualisation she helps organisations develop reports and dashboards that improve existing workflows and transfers skills on how to communicate effectively with data.






Hollie Johnson is a senior data scientist at the National Innovation Centre for Data. With a PhD in topological data analysis and a professional background in software development, she now specialises in transferring statistics and machine learning skills into organisations, through high impact skills transfer projects.






Antonia Kontaratou obtained her PhD in statistical computing, from Newcastle University. As a data scientist working for the National Innovation Centre for Data, her role is to help organisations discover new data technologies and develop the skills they need to tackle their data science problems. She is currently focusing on deep learning with particular interest in computer vision.

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