Building Better Products by Revealing Your Customers Unmet Needs

The late Clayton Christensen was a legendary Harvard Business School professor and named as a direct influence on some of the most successful technology entrepreneurs in history including the founders of Netflix (Reed Hastings), Intel (Andy Grove & Apple (Steve Jobs). One of Christensen’s key concepts was understanding your customer’s “jobs to be done”. What are the true underlying “jobs to be done” that either explain an existing product’s success or identify a job that could be done better by a new or improved product/service.

Christensen’s classic example of this concept was based on the work he did with Burger King and helping them understand why their attempts to improve milkshake sales kept failing. Christensen’s analysis showed nearly half of milkshake sales were for breakfast (!!) and performing a completely different job for BK customers at that time than what BK’s product people thought. You can watch the Professor describe the story here in this 5 minute summary.

So if developing new products/services are important to you or your company but you’re only ‘somewhat’ satisfied with your company’s ability to do this predictably and profitably, then this highly interactive workshop is for you.

You will learn how:

– Why and how to redefine your market using customer centric ‘jobs-to-be-done’ lens

– How to systematically capture all your customer’s needs in you market with a common language

– How to find statically significant hidden segments of opportunity

– How to use this data driven approach to formulate a winning development roadmap

5th July

 Deloitte LLP, One Trinity Gardens,
Broad Chare,
Newcastle, NE1 2HF

14:00 – 17:00


Fred has worked with management consultancy McKinsey & Co since 2014 as an agility consultant & coach. He has over 20 years of experience helping clients deliver innovative impact in Banking, Insurance, Shipping, Pensions, Marine and Civil Engineering, Digital marketing, Retail, Telecoms, Petrochemicals and Oil and Gas sectors. Across all these sectors, Fred’s practice has focused on speeding up innovation whilst making it more predictable and profitable.

Fred has three goals: Deliver value early and often, optimize enterprise flow to deliver faster and improve quality through fast feedback. Fred was part of the team that helped launch Thinking Digital in 2008 and has led multiple TDC workshops over the years teaching the agile methodology. He returns this year with a brand new workshop based on the innovation insights he’s learned during his time at McKinsey & Co.

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