Gaming the science of inner experience

The creative industries are in the business of creating experiences. In this talk, Charles will show how attending to the science of inner experience – the thoughts, memories, images and emotions that form such a large part of our mental lives – has the potential to unlock the inner worlds of game characters, and boost the power of gaming to communicate pro-social messages about mental health and neurodiversity.


Charles Fernyhough’s bio

Charles Fernyhough is a Professor of Psychology & Director of the Centre for Research into Inner Experience at Durham University. He is also a Director of InnerScape, a spinout company bringing the science of inner experience to the creative industries.

Charles’ latest non-fiction book is The Voices Within: The history and science of how we talk to ourselves, published by Profile Books/Wellcome Collection. His other non-fiction books include The Baby in the Mirror: A child’s world from birth to three (Granta, 2008) and Pieces of Light: Memory and its stories (shortlisted for the Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books).

He is the author of two novels: The Auctioneer (Fourth Estate, 1999) and A Box of Birds (Unbound, 2013). He is also the editor of Others (Unbound, 2019), an anthology exploring how books and literature can show us other points of view, with net profits supporting refugee and anti-hate charities.

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